Walking Your Way to Physical Fitness

Walking is a natural activity required in everyday life, most of us fail to realize its many health benefits. Whether you’ve been putting off the gym or you’re working out daily, walking is an excellent form of exercise. By simply walking around your neighborhood or local beach you can benefit your muscles, increase aerobic endurance and overall strength.

A good fitness walking pace is about four miles per hour; by walking at this pace for twenty to forty minutes you are doing an aerobic exercise. While walking is great by itself, the addition of weights is a great way to provide for a greater challenge while also toning the arms. Start with light weights and gradually increase them to higher weights as you build up your strength.

Walking is not just beneficial for strengthening muscles, but also improving your coordination and balance. A key component of receiving the best possible results from a walking routine is to keep your posture in check. A great way to keep a straight spine while walking is to focus on an object in the distance and walk towards it, when you have an object in focus your body will be motivated to avoid a lazy or hunched stance.

Walking is an easy activity that you can do almost anywhere, your local neighborhood, park, gym, or even on a treadmill. Besides the numerous physical benefits of this exercise, walking also is a therapeutic way of clearing one’s mind- promoting concentration and the optimistic feeling of overall well being.