How to Face Winter Weather

Most people can’t stand the cold- we crank up our thermostats, buy tea in bulk, and pull out our spare blankets to keep in every room of the house. Despite the coziness of our homes, we still have to venture outside for work, school, errands, and other inevitable engagements. Before stepping outside, however, it’s important to keep in mind the necessary measures we need to take to protect our bodies from extreme cold.

The most obvious measure is our attire- gloves and scarves alone might not cut it. Wearing multiple layers on our torsos and legs is the best defense against the cold. Reach for a long sleeve shirt to throw under your sweater or even a pair of long leggings for under your jeans. If you’re going to be spending extended time outside, opt for thermal layers. Keep in mind that ventilation is important- mid layer choices should be able to open in the front.

Despite our best efforts, somehow our feet always seem to be cold. We can attribute this to the fact that our feet are the farthest from our hearts and therefore are reaping the full benefits of our bodies’ efforts to keep us warm. Winter boots are an obvious choice, but too often we sacrifice utility for aesthetics. Good winter boots should have warm linings, outer water resistance, and soles made of a material that provides solid traction. Cotton socks under wool socks are also ideal for extra feet warmth.

Winter coats are investments- they’re meant to shield our bodies from rain, snow, and wind. Heavy coats that are fully lined and fall farther down our bodies are best. When shopping for one, be sure to try larger sizes to accommodate for the other layers you’ll be wearing underneath. The most important thing to remember is that winter coats alone can’t keep our bodies warm; we still need to layer appropriately.

Aside from choosing our clothes wisely, we can also give our bodies the fuel it needs to keep our bodies warm. Eat a good meal before heading outdoors, and remember to stay hydrated.