About Dr. Attilio S. Pensavalle

Dr. Attilio S. Pensavalle is a highly educated and skilled Doctor of Physical Therapy. NYS licensed since 1980, his extensive experience spans a broad spectrum of professional areas, encompassing orthopaedic clinical care, clinical education, academia and extensive lecturing in various topical areas in healthcare.

Throughout his 32 years of clinical practice, Dr. Pensavalle has blended his superior clinical and patient management skills with strong executive, capabilities. Described as kind and affable, his interpersonal skills foster a comfortable and welcoming feeling for patients, and their families.

Dr. Pensavalle obtained undergraduate and advanced Doctorate degrees in Physical Therapy from New York University and completed orthopaedic clinical training at New York City’s most prestigious medical centers, including NYU/Bellevue and Lenox Hill Hospitals.

His professional career has included clinical positions in the Veteran’s Administration and in private clinical practice. He has served on Advisory Boards for various physical therapy education programs and held positions as Chief Physical Therapy Consultant to major New York City unions and corporate health centers such as the New York Hotel Trades Council and Hotel Association Health Centers and for the New York Times, respectively. Dr. Pensavalle also holds faculty rank of Clinical Assistant Professor at New York University and has been cited as a Master Clinician by the NYU Department of Physical Therapy.

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Dr. Attilio Pensavalle, FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, Lake Success

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, with clinical and academic experience spanning 3 decades, your treatment plans and interventions are designed and carried out by a well seasoned practitioner. Personalized, one-on-one care has historically been the identity and face of physical therapy.

“Having owned and managed large and comprehensive physical therapy centers for many years, my mission at [stitletitle] is dedicated to individualized care in a small and intimate setting where the patient can feel comfortable and be the focus of our clinical attention. I have provided service to our local Queens/Nassau community since 1990, during which time I have established a sterling reputation for excellence. You have my commitment to ethical, high quality care and service in a facility focused solely on your success.”

Attilio S. Pensavalle, PT DPT