Biodex Balance screening, conditioning and gait recovery

Our new Biodex Balance screening, conditioning and gait recovery systems compliment and support our existing NeuroCom dynamic platform and surround posturography testing and training, providing a comprehensive Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program, accurately identifying and retraining “potential fall” candidates. Through combined state-of-the-art technologies from NeuroCom and Biodex [the two world leaders in balance assessment and training devices], patient functional performance can be measured and quantified to plan patient care, assess functional gains and demonstrate clinical outcomes throughout the rehab process.

The FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Risk Screening and Conditioning Program and associated technology can not only help reduce your risk of falling, but also can help rehabilitate total hip & knee replacement cases, as well as a wide array of orthopaedic and neurological conditions and generally improve overall mobility.

Biodex Balance System™ SD

Designed to meet the needs of patients referred for balance recovery, increased proprioception & agility and muscle strengthening for a wide variety of pathologies, these systems provide static and dynamic balance testing and training — for athletes to older adults. All patients [especially those 55 years and older] who report postural instability, gait unsteadiness, fear or history of falling should undergo a balance assessment and fall risk screen in order to avoid progression of the problem and to reduce the risk of falls with potentially disastrous consequences.

Biodex Gait Trainer 3; the only instrumented treadmill of its kind

Designed specifically for the physical rehabilitation setting, despite its resemblance to an ordinary treadmill, the Biodex Gait Trainer 3 differs in ways that illustrate its specialized rehabilitation design; neurologically impaired patients including an instrumented deck that yields audio & visual biofeedback and objective documentation for older adult applications; spinal cord injury, CVA/TBI, Parkinson’s Disease, lower back injury, lower extremity amputee, orthopaedic rehabilitation and neurorehabilitation. Combined with optokinetic training, this type of gait/ambulation correction is unique and extremely effective for a wide variety of gait impairments with visual/oculomotor weakness.

Quick Board Agility Training System for rehabilitation and athletic performance

Balance is certainly necessary, but in order to safely navigate simple to more complicated home and community geography, it must be paired with improved foot/ankle agility, provided by lower kinetic chain functional strength and proprioception. The Quick Board System provides patients with the latest rehabilitation technology for returning to a maximum level of physical and neurological function. Clinical applications include a broad range of patient ages and case populations with musculoskeletal and neurological impairments.