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Be Kind to Your Carpal Tunnel

by Admin, March 18, 2014

As you sit at your computer reading this, take note of where your hands rest. If they’re poised over your mouse or keyboard, you’re likely stressing the carpal tunnel in your wrist that allows your median nerve and flexor tendons to reach your hand and fingers. If compressed enough, this passageway will diminish in size, which […]


Preventing and Avoiding Muscle Cramps

by Admin, March 13, 2014

Cramps are a nuisance that usually hit at the end of intense workouts or during endurance events. Cramps occur because of muscle fatigue. If you carefully progress your workouts, you will avoid unnecessary cramps. Heat, and not being used to the heat, increases the frequency of cramps. When the season changes and summer arrives, be […]


Strength Training Can Help Improve Senior Citizens way of Life

by Admin, March 7, 2014

Despite misconceptions, senior citizens can make changes in their activities that will improve physical strength and coordination. Unfortunately, as our bodies age it is natural for us to lose some muscle mass and strength. However, you can have more control over the amount that your muscles age than you think. Loss of strength in senior […]


How to Face Winter Weather

by Admin, February 25, 2014

Most people can’t stand the cold- we crank up our thermostats, buy tea in bulk, and pull out our spare blankets to keep in every room of the house. Despite the coziness of our homes, we still have to venture outside for work, school, errands, and other inevitable engagements. Before stepping outside, however, it’s important […]


Walking Your Way to Physical Fitness

by Admin, February 21, 2014

Walking is a natural activity required in everyday life, most of us fail to realize its many health benefits. Whether you’ve been putting off the gym or you’re working out daily, walking is an excellent form of exercise. By simply walking around your neighborhood or local beach you can benefit your muscles, increase aerobic endurance […]


Snow Shoveling Safety

by Admin, February 11, 2014

Facts about Snow Shoveling from a study which appeared in the American  Journal of Emergency Medicine:  From 1990 to 2006 there were an average of 11,500 emergency department visits annually in the US involving manual snow removal.  The most common injury diagnosis was soft tissue injuries (55 percent), lacerations (16 percent) and fractures (7 percent) The lower […]


Beating Bad Blisters

by Admin, February 5, 2014

We’ve all been victim to a foot blister- that small bubble of skin filled with fluid that appears after an intense workout or a day spent in a brand new pair of shoes. Small as they may be, most people find blisters to be debilitating; they can make it hard to walk or perform normal […]


Muscle Cramps Linked to Dehydration

by Admin, January 28, 2014

Most of us know that the human body is over 50% water, yet we still tend to deprive our bodies of the fluid it needs. Though we are getting better, in today’s world, we often reach for sugary and flavored beverages instead of sticking with a basic glass of water; consequently, we can still feel […]

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