With our Neurocom Smart Balance Master Dynamic Posturography assessment and retraining technology, our patients can be assured they are receiving “best practice” clinical management with cutting edge balance recovery technology.

Balance Assessment & Rehabilitation


Vestibular Therapy
Concussion Management

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Fall Prevention


“Sixty percent of Americans will have a balance problem during their life. If they are fortunate, it is a minor inconvenience, but in many cases it’s debilitating and can lead to falls, injury and extended lifestyle changes. A baseline assessment can help active agers identify a balance issue that may be impacting their ability to fully participate in a vibrant and active lifestyle.”

Centers for Disease Control

The Balance Control System: Postural and Gaze Stability

Good balance is the complex processes of distinct, but interdependent systems:

  1. The postural stabilization system keeps your body in balance while you stand and actively move about in daily life.
  2. The gaze stabilization system maintains clear vision during activities where you are actively moving your head & body.
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Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) was initially developed with grant support from NASA to evaluate the effects of space flight on vestibular function and balance control in astronauts. Later support from the National Institute of Health (NIH) studied the effects of disease on balance and mobility functions.

Dynamic Balance Assessment & Rehab Systems

  • CDP; Sensory Organization Test; includes ADT and more
  • Sequence Training
  • Weight Bearing Training
  • Custom Training
  • Long Force Plate (LFP) for high level functional activities

Accurate Assessment & Effective Rehabilitation

NeuroCom Balance Manager Systems’ advanced computerized assessment tools differentiate among the sensory and motor impairments that contribute to balance problems and limit patients’ daily activities. NeuroCom balance solutions allow assessment, treatment and documentation of patient progress while offering quantifiable language clinical team members can share and understand.