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"As a PT patient, I can't say enough about Dr. Pensavalle and his practice. Dr. Pensavalle is exceptional. His deep knowledge, his long experience in treating PT patients, his understanding, his thoughtfulness and caring of every single patient, is quite extraordinary. Dr. Pensavalle is rarely seen sitting in his office, he is always treating and counseling patients and guiding his clinical staff with humor and thoughtfulness. Finally, as a small, but extremely important point, was Dr. Pensavalle's hiring of two extraordinary women, Lisa, the Office Manager and Meredith, the Client Care Specialist. As a patient enters the office, she/he is warmly greeted by the front office staff and cared for deeply by the clinical staff. She/he leaves with a sense of satisfaction and hopefulness. If you need physical therapy of any kind, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Pensavalle's office. You will not be disappointed!!!"
Mar 03, 2020
"Everyone and all they do for patients is just wonderful. They are excellent !!!"
Jan 27, 2020
" After struggling with vestibular damage during my cancer treatment and trying other balance centers, Dr. Pensavalle and his team provided me with measurable improvements in strength and balance throughout my treatment. They have equipment that is specific to balance therapy as well as a machine to test progress periodically. I went from using a walker and a scooter to walking without a cane! They are dedicated to improving your quality of life. The office staff is also a pleasure when it comes to billing and appointments. Dr. Pensavalle and his team are friendly, knowledgeable and made task of therapy enjoyable. I am ever grateful for their help in my recovery. "
Jan 22, 2020
"Dr. Pensavalle treated me for neck pain which I was reluctant at first, but it has made a WORLD of difference. Dr. Pensavalle and the entire staff at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers are highly professional and intelligent while beyond caring and attentive. They listened to my concerns and adjusted the treatments along the way when necessary. They provided me with months of excellent service and attention. They not only explained every step of the way but even trained me how to continue my motion improvement at home after my therapy had ended. The office is state of the art and clean which made going there weekly more comforting. I highly recommend Dr. Pensavalle and FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers to all my family and friends! Thank you for your excellent service and I’m grateful for all your help! "
Jan 22, 2020
"I have been a patient at Fyzical for about 4 months and was very impressed with the knowledge of the staff, their professionalism and friendliness. I enjoyed the therapy tremendously but unfortunately due to many interfering health factors it was not very helpful to me. The staff and myself we tried our best and I would recommend the establishment to any one."
Jan 21, 2020
"I'am very thankful for the good quality of care i received by the staff of Fyzical Therapy & Balance...I highly recommended Fyzical centers to everyone who's looking for quality, respected, knowledgeable and loving care!!!!"
Jan 21, 2020
"FYZICAL: Physical Therapy Beyond Expectation. One assumes that when one hears “PT” or “Physical Therapy,” that one would be attending a place to perform exercises to address aches and pains, waning strength, sprains and pulls. But, FYZICAL goes well beyond anything you’ve ever experienced for issues beyond the ordinary. In short, it’s not your mother’s physical therapy. The body requires an integration of muscle, bone, and nerve to work effectively; if one system goes awry, that’s it, there’s an issue, and one issue causes another issue and then another: If an issue is not addressed a serious problem can develop. It’s about balance, movement, and the integration of the systems. Brain to muscle. It is all addressed at Fyzical. Dr. Attilio Pensavalle, a doctor of Physical Therapy, is a top-notch diagnostician. Everyone on his highly-knowledgeable staff is well trained, compassionate and friendly. They offer treatments for simple to complex problems with highly sophisticated therapies on unique and wonderful equipment. This is the place to be treated: it can all be done here. I tell everyone I meet about FYZICAL because people should know that that there is help and hope via many new therapies to address the physical issues from which many of us suffer. "
Jan 17, 2020
"I have been coming here specifically for balance issues I have caused by a mini stroke. So glad I found this place. Staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Pensavalle is very knowledgeable with balance issues and has various specialized computerized machines at his disposal. Highly recommend this place !"
Jan 14, 2020
"Dr. Pensavalle and his team are extraordinary. I recently developed off the chart dizziness/balance/equilibrium problems and was referred to the doctor by the ENT doctor I had seen. Top down, bottom up, everyone does their jobs to perfection. Andy, Joel, Luis, Shayna, and Keryann guide me through the routines on each of the machines. Some of those routines are quite challenging, but they each aim to keep me on track, and optimistic, even when this over achiever gets a bit hard on herself. Add to that two fantastic front desk ladies, Lisa and Meredith, and you know you are in good hands. If you have similar issues, you could not do better than this office."
Jan 14, 2020
"I have been coming here during my recovery from an ankle surgery. All of the therapists and staff here are wonderful. They take the time to explain everything you are doing and why, and also provide detailed guidance for home exercise. I have found my therapy program here to be both challenging and rewarding, and would definitely recommend their services."
Jan 14, 2020
"My husband has been a patient at Fyzical for his Vestibular Therapy for a little over 4 years, under Dr. A. Pensavalle. Four years ago he was experiencing intense dizzy spells. The Neurologist recommended Vestibular Therapy and informed him that the vertigo feeling may never go away. Fortunately, the therapy has improved his condition and the results from the testing done regularly has showed good results. Although the Vestibular feeling has not completely been removed, he is able to adjust to the dizziness when it occurs. The staff is very personable and professional. They are accommodating and very helpful when questions are asked. The new office is pleasant and very spacious. The environment is very relaxing, and enjoying when waiting for my husband as he completes his therapy. We highly recommend this Therapy and Balance center for your physical therapy needs as well as Vestibular conditions. You well be pampered and well taken care!"
Jan 13, 2020
"My daughter injured her foot and ankle while on vacation last year and after seeing multiple doctors with no prognosis, Dr. Pensavalle reviewed the MRI and was able to explain to us how serious the injury was and how it could be a career-ending injury. He was extremely patient with our questions and recommended the surgery to repair the ankle. If it wasn’t for Dr. Pensavalle’s intervention, our daughter would not have been able to recover successfully. Thank you so much for all your help. I highly recommend Dr. Pensavalle and Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers. I know you will be very pleased."
Jan 12, 2020
"I was referred to Dr. Pensavalle by my neurologist when I was no longer able to move my neck. I will be forever grateful to him for resorting my neck mobility. He is very skilled and knowledgeable, as well as concerned and kind, and he is focused on his patients. I always received personalized service from Dr. Pensavalle and everyone on his staff, including the front office staff who are terrific. The office is clean, bright and attractive, and I never had any waiting time for my appointments. I will never go anywhere else for physical therapy and will recommend him to friends and family."
Jan 12, 2020
"Dr. Pensavalle is a gifted physical therapist. Beyond his professional expertise and skill, he is kind and compassionate. He listens to his patients and pays attention to the smallest details. That is the difference between good and great. His staff is very warm and welcoming. They go above and beyond to help patients. I am grateful and delighted to offer my highest recommendation."
Jan 10, 2020
"It's the best place, with the kindest, most knowledgable doc around. He makes everyone feel like a priority and will take all the time you need to understand things. Thanks Dr. P."
Jan 09, 2020
"Dr. Pensavalle is the best in the business. He is warm and kind but also knows his stuff better than anyone. I can't believe the results. The office is beautifully kept, the people at reception are welcoming and nice, and I always know I'm in good hands when I'm there!"
Jan 09, 2020
"I have to admit I was reluctant to go to physical therapy/balance therapy. However after meeting with Dr. Pensavalle, I was encouraged and made the time to get better. The front office staff is friendly and accommodating - very rare in medical offices these days. The physical therapy aides are kind and patient. Dr. Pensavalle explained my issues in depth, made sure I understood the exercises and the benefits of doing each one. The best part is I felt improvements which motivated me to keep going to therapy. So now I’m a believer. I have been recommending this office to anyone that needs physical therapy or balance therapy. I hope this review helps you."
Jan 08, 2020
"This is an improvement over previous therapy that I've observed and participated in that focuses on balance, and Dr. Pensavalle understands the individual. One size does not fit all, it is very individualized. I have no hesitation to recommend him. "
Jan 07, 2020


November 12, 2012
Re: Attilio S. Pensavalle, PT DPT

OthoBalance Physical Therapy in Great Neck
Dr. Attilio Pensavalle, OthoBalance PT in Lake Success

I am writing on behalf of Attilio Pensavalle, whom I have known professionally for 25 years. I first met Dr. Pensavalle when he was a clinical physical therapist and at that time he was clinical director and owner of Long Island FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, a comprehensive and well respected PT center in Douglaston, NY.  He took care of many of my patients and I became impressed with his thoroughness, honesty, astute command of his profession with respect to his knowledge base and skills, personalized hands-on approach in treating patients and his excellent rapport with his patients.

My patients, as well, appreciated his attentiveness and skills in enabling them to resume their previous level of function that they had hoped. Through our association in the orthopedic realm we became much closer and I continue to refer patients to him preoperatively, post operatively and for rehabilitation, knowing assuredly that I would have someone who would remain attentive and contact me when necessary for any problems that might arise, or concerns about a patient’s progress. He is an exceptionally skilled physical therapist and I also found that the other physical therapists in his group were well qualified and supervised closely by him, that they were well taught and that I felt comfortable with anyone Dr. Pensavalle would recommend to be a treating physical therapist for my patients.

I know through other physicians as well, that in his position as Clinical Director of Physical Therapy at the New Yorker Hotel Trades Council and Hotel Association of New York City Health Centers Inc. that his care was superior, as well as his administrative skills to ensure that his operational management of a very busy service would be exemplary. His knowledge as a therapist, as well as his management skills, I feel are unsurpassed by anyone else in the same field. His background as a professor of physical therapy at New York University has certainly given him robust academic credentials as he surely incorporated his knowledge and application of skills at the highest level in his physical therapy practice and, as important, in his administrative and management positions.

I would have no hesitation in hiring him as a consultant or operational manager as well as a hands-on physical therapist if I were to open a facility that required someone in charge of this facility who is a gentleman, ethical, honest, intelligent and exceptionally competent. I give him my highest recommendation and I am confident that if there is a need for someone with these capacities that you would be as satisfied as I have been over the many years I have known Dr.  Pensavalle.

B. N., MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon Major NYC Medical Center
[Name withheld for professional discretion]

Your office is a warm and welcoming place, important for someone like me who was so afraid and apprehensive of what therapy would bring and how I would recover. I had a badly broken ankle with screws from surgery to correct it. I started on crutches and you helped me literally get back on my feet and back to work for my son’s struggling company. I thank you [Dr. A.] and your entire staff for your professional help and for caring so much about my recovery. You were all very knowledgeable, thorough and friendly.

Annita F.

If you find yourself putting off physical therapy because you dread the prospect of an hour at the typical PT mill, a large room with multiple therapists working on a dozen patients at once (while you mostly sit around), visit Dr. Pensavalle. It’s the difference between dining at Burger King and Peter Luger (which happens to be next door). It’s just a whole different experience. I’ve never received the level of personal attention or privacy as I did with Dr. Pensavalle, who, with a doctoral degree in PT from NYU, has more training than your average physical therapist. He’s spoiled me for life.

William Alexander
Cornwall, New York
January 2014

Dr. Attilio Pensavalle treated me recently for positional vertigo – a condition where, while lying on my back, caused objects to start to spin around in the room. I suffered this problem for several months. After two physical therapy sessions the condition was cured. Dr. Pensavalle is an excellent physical therapist; he described, in detail, the probable causes and the recommended treatment. I would highly recommend his services to potential patients.

Kent Martin – November 2013

I can’t say enough about you and your staff. Attilio Pensavalle took care of me after both knees were broken when crushed between 2 cars during a hit and run accident, which turned into a living nightmare. Medical doctor visits and bills, lost work time and a struggling business was filling my plate. Dr. Attilio was so focused and diligent; he explained everything that was going to happen, made treatments as comfortable as possible and was truly crucial in my recovery. My orthopaedic surgeon was very happily surprised in the degree of my recovery and very impressed with your care. My wife is thrilled that I am back to work and home much less. My gratitude is great.

Steve M. – 1999

September 17, 2012
Re: Dr. Attilio S. Pensavalle

To Whom It May Concern:

It is in indeed with the greatest of pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Dr. Attilio S. Pensavalle. As a Full Professor of Physical Therapy at a major university and a practicing physical therapist for several decades, I feel totally qualified to write this letter of reference. I have had over 40 years of teaching and practice experience and as many years providing educational and clinical consultative services.

I have known Dr. Pensavalle for over thirty years and have been able to closely observe him apply his didactic and clinical knowledge as an outstanding member of the physical therapy professional community. His curriculum vita speaks for itself, but highlights of certain activities are in order at this time. Over the years, Dr. Pensavalle has given ample evidence of his commitment to administration and operational management, and he continues his major endeavors in those areas today. The multifaceted paths of his educational background and his practice experiences provide a very firm foundation for the skills required of him in service delivery. Not only does he have the breadth of knowledge in these areas, but he also has the ability and skills that are so important in service management and in maximizing human potential.

Dr. Pensavalle’s broad experiences range from providing direct patient/client services to physical therapy practice ownership to consultative positions. In each arena, he has excelled as evidenced when you speak to those with whom he has been involved. His expert knowledge and effective communication have been invaluable to physical therapy practice. His efforts have been tireless and compelling. Over the years, he has demonstrated growth and maturity as a gifted individual who represents the profession with insight and forethought. His expert knowledge and effective communication have been invaluable to physical therapy practice and to the organizations for which he has provided his expertise.

Through his energy and his dedication, Dr. Pensavalle has continually faced issues and sought to find solutions to many of the challenges of provision of physical therapy presented by today’s health services delivery systems. For over thirty years, he has been a consummate physical therapist, making contributions in physical therapy practice and education. I have personally witnessed his teaching skills with students and know how much of an impact he has had on their lives.

There is no doubt that he has and will continue to make an impact on advancing physical therapy through the provision of the highest quality services required of any position. I therefore, recommend him without reservation.

Sincerely yours,

Professor; Major NYC University
[Name withheld for professional discretion]

My name is Rubiela Hernandez. As a NYS PT Assistant, I had the opportunity to work with an excellent, honest person, business man and best of all, the best Boss of all. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, he is kind, knowledgeable and very professional in regards to every single dysfunction he treats. All throughout the nine years I worked for him I learned quite a bit from his expertise. To this date I thank him for all the experience I acquired under his supervision, which I apply to all the patients I treat to this date. Thanks Dr. Pensavalle.

Ruby Hernandez, PTA

Everyone at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers has been very professional and caring which means a lot to me; a patient who has been in pain and discomfort for many months. I feel much better and though I am not yet fully recovered, I see light and the end of the tunnel and am much more optimistic about my progress. I will definitely refer friends and relatives to FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers.

Angela G. – October 2013

December 4, 2012

Dr. Attilio S. Pensavalle

To Whom It May Concern:

I am happy to offer this professional letter of reference on behalf of Dr. Attilio S. Pensavalle. I am uniquely qualified to render a professional opinion on Dr. Pensavalle, having known him and observed his clinical attributes and business manner for approximately 30 years. As head of Siegel Performance Systems for many years, I am a successful and knowledgeable rehabilitation equipment supplier for the Greater NYC Metropolitan Area. Previously, I was a Sales Associate and Project Consultant for Cybex Corporation, internationally known for superior exercise products and an innovative leader in sports performance and physical rehabilitation / recovery systems.

During this time, it has been my experience that Dr. Pensavalle has always combined the best practices in healthcare management with the expertise and personal care of his staff to the benefit of his patients, delivering high-quality physical therapy service. He has planned and designed many full service clinical care facilities, several of which I had the opportunity to observe and participate in on my equipment supplier side. Each of these facilities could serve as a model to others; effective and practical clinical design, prevailing patient flow and efficiency, as well as future business growth and down road modification options. In short, his clinical and business vision is well thought out for present and future clinical and operational needs; locality, service design and clinical profit centers.

I have observed Dr. Pensavalle’s clinical and administrative staff in various settings and conditions; they are without exception, mature, well trained, clinically adept and all team players; no doubt, a hybrid of their personal attributes and his selection and mentoring practices. From my experience with his staff, they were attentive, caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Pensavalle has successfully managed staff typically composed of PTs, PTAs, Athletic Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, administrative and technical staff. He was also responsible for following appropriate processes for staff management including talent acquisition, staff development and performance management and appraisal. His recruitment, training and successful orientation and on boarding of new colleagues is unsurpassed; they are highly effective in the short term and very loyal in the long term.

Dr. Pensavalle has extensive and invaluable experience working with equipment vendors to provide high quality and cost effective equipment and durable/expendable supplies for his clinics, in addition to providing proper support and staff in-service training/education. His coordination between equipment vendor and construction contractor only fosters smooth project management. He is a superb and analytical project planner, delegating responsibility and assuming leadership in suitable proportion.

Dr. Pensavalle possesses that unique blend of exceptional clinical skills while seamlessly performing the tasks of an executive manager. His manner very palatable; his dealings are forthright and ethical and in his I have always found him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Pensavalle, without reservation, to any private clinical facility or institutional health system looking for the highest quality individual.

Mark Siegel – NASM CPT President

Thank you for your expertise and care. My work schedule in public life is grueling; travelling from NYC to Albany twice monthly and fitting physical therapy into my government service schedule was a challenge. I made it work no matter what, because I understood and appreciated your plan for my recovery and I saw progress in all areas that were important to me. Your clinical manner was comforting, even when things became, well, tough; I had utmost trust in your judgment and abilities. Your office staff was wonderful; efficient and thoughtful. I wish you all the best and many years of helping others like me.

S. K. – July 1999

I had serious neck and shoulder injuries from an automobile accident and I appreciate all the diligent work Dr. Pensavalle put into my care. I must say that employees at your office are very friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. When I got into this car accident, I thought my life will never be the same again, but I felt like I was in the right place, with the right people. I feel much better today as a result of your help.  I would like to thank all of you for excellent work. It’s a pleasure.

John B – Sept 2008

Dr Attilio Pensavalle obtained his doctorate at New York University. As his advisor for the program, I was very impressed with his objectives. He wanted to feel confident that he personally was up-to-date with current standards of care, and that the treatments provided by the staff in his large, private physical therapy practice were consistent with current practice. He noted that he might not be applying everything he learned, but he needed to know what to look for when he hired a person to fill a gap in his practice, for example in Women’s Health. After his outstanding performance in the program, he began teaching in the NYU entry-level doctoral PT program. The students appreciated his impressive body of knowledge, and his sincerity in promoting high standards for patient care. They loved him, and so did the faculty!

In addition to his clinical and teaching skills, I know that Attilio is also a great administrator. We talked about his practice, and issues that arise when one deals with a large staff. He talked about the care he took in selecting the right therapist for the right job, and the support he believed he had to provide the person once he or she agreed to work in the practice. When I was planning for retirement, I wanted him to take over the course in administration that I had been teaching, but at that time he could not take on more work. Now that I am retired, I want to maintain contact with Attilio so I can continue to hear about clinical, educational, and administrative excellence in physical therapy.

Ann Goerdt, PT, PhD
Professor, New York University

Dr. Pensavalle has treated me through full knee replacement and balance issues since 2009. A very professional organization. I always found an immaculate office and treatment facility. I was treated with compassion and care. Dr. Pensavalle was continually educating during my physical recovery. I am so happy to see know that his practice is here on Long Island. I am getting ready for the other knee replacement and will once again travel {35 miles} to receive my PT!!!

Rosemary F.

‘No man stands as tall as one who stoops to help a child.’

This quote comes to mind when I consider Dr. Pensavalle’s qualities and attributes. I have known Attilio since we were both fourteen years old. I have witnessed his growth over the past forty-three years. He is compassionate, kind, highly motivated and professional. He cares about the good health of everyone, especially those who are his patients and come to him for care. To paraphrase an insurance company’s motto: ‘You’re in good hands with Dr. Pensavalle.’

He has literally given his life to his profession in promoting the good health of his fellow human beings.  While it seems to come naturally to him as a doctor of physical therapy, I can attest to the fact that he has worked hard and diligently to become the doctor he is today. He studies hard and works hard to remain current in his field. He knows the path to good health and promotes it effectively. He doesn’t just ‘treat patients,’ he treats individuals. He recognizes that each person is unique and comes to him with unique difficulties and illnesses. He is devoted to giving the best care to each person on an individual basis.

If you’re looking for a doctor who cares about YOU, you have found him in Dr. Pensavalle.

I hope this testimony is helpful. It is the truth and speaks to his qualifications, as well as to his humanity.

Ralph D.

My name is Manuel Savidis, suffering from vertigo for several months; a condition of dizziness and physical unbalance. I was referred to Dr. Attilio S. Pensavalle by my medical physician. Dr. Pensavalle is an excellent, professional physical therapist. He treated my condition with skill and competence and I would recommend his services to anyone.

Manuel Savidis – November 2013

I went through therapy for several weeks for a badly sprained ankle. Returning to golf and running was very important to me and I feel that your knowledge of my problem and my recovery needs was right on. It was a pleasure to know the staff and receive all their attention.

I am back running again and my golf game is as bad as it ever was, but at least I am on the course now.  Thanks for your help.

Peter R. – July 2007

I’ve been running for years. Until recently, I’ve been pain free. My running and other forms of exercise were compromised by the pain I was feeling in my ankles. Your took great care at understanding the ‘biomekanical’ parts of my running and sports exercise problem; I feel this really was an important parts of your treatment. I am happy to be running again, just like I have been for many years.

Jorges R. – January 2013

Dr. Pensavalle treated me many years ago when his office was located in Douglaston. He was very successful in helping my condition at that time and I was happy with the result. I was not able to see him for a period of time and had the opportunity to try other therapists, but it was not the same. Attilio is very knowledgeable, personable and truly a caring person.  I am very happy to be back in his hands for my PT.

Carlo Bilardi – 10/2013

Dr. Pensavalle has not only been a sincere and close friend for over 30 years, but counseled me during a time I suffered from severe back problems.

Attilio examined X-rays and medical records I forwarded to him with a speedy turn-around response. He gave me great advice, and his recommended therapy treatments had more than a significant effect. I was feeling much better within 60 days. His character and professionalism is beyond reproach.

John V. Aragona

I received excellent service at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. After several weeks of therapy, I am back to tennis. I strongly recommend this facility for their excellent service. The staff is professional and caring. You will be highly recommended by me. Thank you for your excellent service.

Gina B.

I suffered with chronic neck pain for 2 years. I was unable to get through a normal day and it interfered with my sleep. I had neck pain and headaches when working and when reading at home. Since going for treatments at your office I’ve seen dramatic results. You helped alleviate the pain, but more importantly, they showed me what I can do on my own in order to help prevent the problem from returning over and over and how to maintain a pain free life.

Caroline M.

I never had such severe lower back pain until after the birth of my first child, so I was really worried that something was terribly wrong with my back. I couldn’t carry my new baby as much as I’d like and I felt this was going to be a long term or permanent problem for me. Dr. A. answered all of my questions and asked many of his own. He examined me quite thoroughly and really understood my life and my problem, easing my stress and fears. He worked on me until I really felt like I was fully recovered and now I feel like the ‘me’ I was before my baby. I have confidence to continue with work, my sports and most importantly, to have more children.

Anastacia T.