Solo-Step® Balance Training Harness System

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Solo-Step Balance Training Harness System

Benefits for the Patients

Solo-Step Balance Training Harness System

Solo-Step® is an overhead track and harness system designed to protect patients from falling during the rehabilitation process while giving them the confidence they need to break through their barriers in a safe environment. Patients using the Solo-Step® Fall Protection and Balance System during gait, balance, or strength training will be able to experience a level of independence they've never felt before!

Here are some of the benefits patients can experience:

  • Eliminates the fear of falling down
  • Gives patients a boost of confidence
  • Allows patients to challenge themselves with advanced  therapies
  • Creates a safe environment for balance, strength, and gait training
  • Develops Confidence
  • 100% safety from any fall related injuries.

Solo-Step® can be used with virtually any type of patient who is at risk of falling or just needs some extra confidence to reach their next milestone.

There are many different types of patients who could benefit from using Solo-Step® such as:

  • Neurological Disorders
  • Balance Disorders
  • Geriatrics
  • Bariatrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Amputees
  • High Performance Athletes
  • Adaptive Athletes
  • Anyone at risk of falling
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Success Stories

Solo-Step® needs to be in every rehab center in America! I was paralyzed from the waist down when I was 21 years old. Doctors told me I would never walk again. After 6 months in the hospital, over 20 surgeries and many months of physical therapy, I took my first steps! The scariest thing in life was taking those first steps. For able-bodied people, falling is not a big deal or something to fear. But for someone who has been injured or has some medical condition hat leaves them unable to walk, it is one of the scariest things they ever face. I wish I would have had the Solo-Step® earlier in my therapy.

Bret Merkle

Using the Solo-Step®, I felt completely confident that I would not fall and this allowed me to concentrate entirely on walking with my prosthesis. I was able to get rid of my crutches faster and practice walking over a step and forward, backward and sideways at my own speed. I especially liked the security during balance drills. Before, when supported by a gait belt, I had less freedom and less confidence. The vest was also really comfortable so I was able to concentrate on the therapy 100%.

Keith Rasmussen

Solo-Step® is an innovative rehabilitation tool designed for the safety of both the patient and therapist or athletic director. Solo-Step® has the versatility to allow you to work with all patients whether it be amputees, post of joints, athletes or aquatics. This tool gives the patient complete confidence during assisted ambulation and eases the fear of falling. I cannot imagine how many injuries, to patients or practitioners, Solo-Step® could prevent.

Mike Langston

Solo-Step® has given our facility an added edge on more challenging cases safely for both the patients and therapists.

Michael Vincent

Since installing the Solo-Step® unit, we have found it extremely useful for the rehabilitation of amputees, paraplegics, weight bearing restricted orthopedic patients, stroke patients, as well as our patients with multiple sclerosis. I am sure we will find many more applications as time goes on. We are 100% pleased with the quality, safety and reliability of the Solo-Step® device.

Mark McDonald